Tales of Sunkhaze

an oral history project by the Friends of Sunkhaze, 2003.

“Tell me a story, lest the story, like an unpicked berry, wither away and never nourish a hungry traveler.”
-Fern Stearns

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The Maine Community Foundation awarded the Friends a $1,000 grant to help with the cost of the publication of this booklet. The following is an account of how the Refuge was established; the anecdotal stories contributed by people who have spent time on the Refuge. Some of those stories (those by Lawrence Hurd, Edmund Libby, Jim Martin, David Spruce, Chris Wickett, birthdates 1911, 1921, 1939, 1936, 1925 respectively) were taped by members of the Friends Board. Excerpts from the transcribed tapes were used here, and copies of the tapes and transcriptions have been given to the Maine Folklife Center at the University of Maine. All but one of the other stories were contributed in writing. The Board has printed the stories as written or told.

This sampler is not intended to be comprehensive, but it does present stories from people whose ages range from the 30’s to the 90’s, and from people whose activities have ranged from hunting and fishing to skating and skiing.

As you read and as you continue to explore Sunkhaze itself, you may find yourself thinking, as did David Morton, the writer of these lines:

The light falls the way the light fell
And it is not clear
In the elm shadows if it be
Ourselves here
Or others who went before us.

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