Oak Point Trail

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Welcome to the Oak Point Interactive Trail map. The Oak Point trail is a one way trail approximately 3 miles round trip that leads to views over Maine’s second largest peat bog system. It’s a moderate hike crossing White Pine forest and a variety of ecosystems. The trail is a former logging road; artifacts of every day logging life including cooking utensils and pieces of old iron stoves are occasionally discovered at the former camp near the end of the trail. Enjoy the following way-points you will encounter along the trail.

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“I was told that when they used to drive logs down the Meadow, they had a camp on Oak Point, an overnight camp for the log drivers, and they fed them there. They used to leave debris – parts of old kettles and frying pans – on the very end of Oak Point. And Little Birch, too, had that. Right to the end of Oak Point, off the right, there’s a little blueberry patch. That’s where you could find the remains of different cooking utensils.” Dave Spruce, excerpt, Tales of Sunkhaze, 2003.