Insects of the Refuge

Black-tipped Darner — Aeshna tuberculifera
Canada Darner — Aeshna canadensis
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail — Papilio canadensis
Common Spreadwing — Lestes disjunctus
Deer Fly — Chrysops callidus
Eastern Forktail — Ischnura verticalis
Eastern Yellow Jacket — Vespula maculifrons
Ebony Jewelwing — Calopteryx maculata
Fawn Darner — Boyeria vinosa
Flat-headed Mayfly — Epeorus frisoni
Four-spotted Skimmer — Libellula quadrimaculata
Fragile Forktail — Ischnura posita
Frosted Whiteface — Leucorrhinia frigida
Green-striped Darner — Aeshna verticalis
Hagen's Bluet — Enallagma hageni
House Fly — Musca domestica
House Mosquito — Culex pipiens
Lateral Bluet Damselfly — Enallagma laterale
Monarch Butterfly — Danaus plexippus
Mottled Darner — Aeshna clepsydra
Northern Paper Wasp — Polistes fuscatus
Pennsylvania Firefly — Phototuris pennsylvanicus
Pygmy Snaketail Dragonfly
River Jewelwing — Calopteryx aequabilis
Ruby Meadowhawk — Sympetrum rubicundulum
Shadow Darner — Aeshna umbrosa
Six-spotted Green Tiger Beetle — Cicindella sexguttata
Spotted Spreadwing — Lestes congener
Subarctic Darner — Aeshna subarctica
Sweetflag Spreadwing — Lestes forcipatus
Tomah Mayfly — Syphlonisca aerodromia
Variable Dancer — Argia fumipennis
White-faced Meadowhawk — Aeshna interrupta

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Green-striped Darner
Northern Paper Wasp
White-faced Meadowhawk
House Fly