Migrating Fish of the Penobscot River – Part 5

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Date(s) - 27/05/2017
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Old Town Public Library


The Penobscot River is home to eleven species of migratory fishes; each with their own unique challenges and adaptations. The Sunkaze Café, Migrating Fish of the Penobscot River concludes Saturday, May 27th. The challenges of migration are tremendous as fish go from a salt to fresh water environment (or vice versa). “These animals exhibit a variety of life history strategies, physiological modifications, and unique behaviors that have allowed them to transition between fresh and saltwater environments and thrive in both.” said George Maynard is a PhD candidate at the University of Maine. George will discuss why fish migrate, the challenges that migration poses, and how fish have evolved to handle the stressors of migration. He studies the migratory behavior and habitat use of Atlantic salmon and American shad.

Phd candidate George Maynard holds a shad while seated in a boat on the Penobscot River

George Maynard, Phd candidate, University of Maine will discuss fish migration at the Old Town Public Library on May 27th. www.sunkhaze.org/events

“Semelparity means no redos”. Learn to talk like a fish geek and more Saturday morning at the Old Town Public Library. The Sunkhaze Café is a project of the Friends of Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge which protects habitat crucial to several endangered species. The Refuge is located on the County Road in Milford. Three hiking trails with ample parking are open to the public from sun up to sunset. The Friends continue to rely on public support. Learn more at www.sunkaze.org or find the Friends on Facebook and Instagram. Café events are free, family friendly, open to the public and geared towards students of all ages.