Carter Meadow Trail

Welcome to the Carter Meadow Trail

What to Expect on the Trail. The trail begins about a hundred yards from the parking lot and begins with a with a smooth, easy walk over the former Carter Meadow Road following Little Birch Stream. You will pass several cabins, one still inhabited by an original tenant. After about 3/4 mile the dirt road turns into a single track hiking loop at the ranger station. The right loop may be muddy in sections as it follows Little Birch Stream as it makes its way towards the meadows. The left loop slopes uphill through mixed forest. The approximately 2.5 mile Carter Meadow trail features an observation deck over looking “The Meadows” and over 1,000 feet of improved boardwalk thanks to the volunteers at Spectra Energy. Expect bugs in the summer. It’s always a good season to wear at least one item of fluorescent orange when hiking in the Maine woods.

Look for the following waypoints on the Carter Meadow trail:

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This map exists thanks to a 2016 USFWS initiative to increase mobile photography at wildlife refuges across the country. One of only eight refuges to receive the award, the Friends of Sunkhaze Meadows give special thanks to the US Fish and Wildlife Service and wildlife photographer Dave Small for their contribution.