Birdwatching at Sunkhaze

Checklist of all birds seen at the refuge

More than 200 bird species have been identified on the refuge. The best times for birds are during the late spring migration and the nesting season (May through early July). Canoeing takes you through the greatest variety of habitats on the refuge, providing the chance to see many bird species. The hiking trails also offer good birding opportunities.

Carlton Pond is one of the few areas in the state which provides nesting habitat for Black Terns, which are listed by the State of Maine as endangered.  Researchers at the University of Maine in Orono have been monitoring Black Tern use of Carlton Pond WPA and other areas for several years in an attempt to better determine the species' population status.

Good spots for warblers include Ash Landing, Sunkhaze Stream crossing on the Studmill Rd, and Johnson Brook parking lot. The Buzzy Brook Trail system is good for seeing Ruffed and Spruce grouse. Barred Owls can be seen on the Johnson Brook Trail and along the County Road.

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Great Horned Owl and Hooded Merganser.