Birding by Boat, Up the Sunkhaze with a Paddle

What should I expect to encounter on a paddle up the Sunkhaze Stream? Biologist Danielle D’Auria gives us a glimpse of the upcoming trip scheduled for this Saturday, June 13th.On the paddle we start out in a flood plain silver maple forest, where we can see and hear warblers in the treetops, herons and kingfishers foraging along the stream, and waterfowl swimming along, possibly with this year’s brood in tow. Beaver dams dot the stream, some underwater and others requiring a short carry over. We have seen snipe and kingbirds in these areas that tend to be a bit shrubby. As we venture further towards and into the meadow, we get the pleasure of hearing bobolinks and their “R2D2” calls from amongst the sedges. If we are lucky, we may hear some secretive marsh birds such as soras, Virginia rails, or American bitterns. Last year we had the opportunity to view nesting bald eagles. Besides birds, we often catch glimpses of painted and snapping turtles before they disappear below the water’s surface. We’ve also had otters and beavers check us out with curiosity. The whole time we are of course keeping our eyes open for a moose!Have you registered for this informative and social day on the water with the Friends of Sunkhaze? Drop us a note via the contact page by Thursday, June 11th – the event is free, but we do need to provide directions to the meeting place and get a head count for safety reasons. Bring water, a light snack, bug repellent and sun screen. Be weather aware, if rain is in the forecast, bring a poncho. We can’t wait to see you!